My favorite animal is a fox

I really like foxes.

They are fluffy.

Facts about foxes

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Foxes are cute. They have long tails, and they are related distantly to cats. In Russia they made them domesticated, so you can even have one as a pet!

Things foxes eat

Foxes like to eat small rodents. In the winter time, they pounce in the snow to catch mice!

Foxes' favorite places to sleep

How to pet a fox

  1. Quietly sneak up to the fox
  2. Reach out your hand
  3. Get bitten! Foxes aren't for petting.
    1. Go to the hospital
    2. Get a shot
    3. Cry about how much you wanted to pet the fox

Photos of foxes

Fuzzy Freddy is a cute fox

Contact a fox expert

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To make your own fox website, go to Neocities

Address for the fox sanctuary

Russian Fox Sanctuary
101 Fox Rd
Foxytown, Russia